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Source: Junho Weibo
Shared by: WBC + Xiah Shining Star Germany

Credit: kaju0731
Shared by: WBC + Xiah Shining Star Germany

Übersetzung: Mama’s Geburtstagstorte~ Das Werk von mir, dongsaeng (Junsu), Jaeyoung und Hansol! Mit unseren Unterschriften ke


Translation: Mom’s birthday cake~ The work of me, dongsaeng (#Junsu), Jaeyoung and Hansol! With our signatures ke

Source: kimmooyoung
German trans by: Xiah Shining Star Germany

Shared by: WBC + Xiah Shining Star Germany

Junho: Junho&Junsu! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=). Junho&Junsu !

Source: @JUNO_Japan
Shared by: JYJ3 + Xiah Shining Star Germany

Juno: Today I ate together with friends who came from Korea, hanseung, changhyeop, and yuhwan (^O^)
[Note: The Korean and Japanese text are the same]

Juno: Heute habe ich mit Freunden gegessen die aus Korea kamen, hanseung, changhyeop, und yuhwan (^O^)
[Bemerkung: der koreanische und japanische Text bedeutet das gleiche.]

Source: @tyjdryo), @JUNO_Japan
Translation Credit: Ruby of JYJ3
Collected by: JYJ3
German Translation: Xiah Shining Star Germany
Shared by: 
JYJ3 + Xiah Shining Star Germany

Kim Junho: I attended the semi opening ceremony of the hotel in jeju today with my dearest dad, mum and junsu.

Kim Junho: Ich nahm heute mit meinen liebsten Dad, Mum und Junsu an der Eröffnungsfeier des Hotels in JeJu teil.

Source : Kim Junho’s weibo
Translated by : theXiahpwa

German Translation: Xiah Shining Star Germany
Shared by : JYJ3 + Xiah Shining Star Germany

Junho startet ab // Junho starts at 2:34
Junsu ist direkt danach // Junsu comes directly after him

Credit: menjapan
Shared By: JYJ3 + Xiah Shining Star Germany

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