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JaeJoong saß bei der Technik und trug Sonnenbrille. Als Junsu sagte “JaeJoong hyung ist hier~”, schien es, als hätten eine Menge Leute ihn nicht bemerkt, da seine Ellbogen auf dem Tisch ruhten und er mit seinen Händen sein Gesicht verdeckte. Als Junsu sagte “Diejenigen, die mit ihren Partnern hergekommen sind, heben bitte mal die Hand~”, war JaeJoong, der enthusiastisch das Publikum mit seinem Blick scannte, total süß.


Jaejoong was at the sound pit and wore sunglasses. When Junsu said “Jaejoong hyung is here~”, it seems that a lot of people didn’t notice him because his elbows are on the table to cover his face (using his hands). When Junsu said, “People who come with their lovers, please raise your hand~” Jaejoong who enthusiastically scanned the audience was so cute.

Credit from: a Junsu fan @0120blessing
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3 
German trans by: Xiah Shining Star Germany
Shared by: JYJ3 + Xiah Shining Star Germany


It’s been only two days since the concert took place, but we are all far from calm ourselves down. Junsu brought Europe for a few days close together and it was really a great time. 

So here is my fanaccount of the whole concert experience. I will also put some photos in it and I hope you like it~^_^

Part 1 ~ Before the concert

Thursday, 29.11.2012 Start: 8:44 p.m.

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Credit: standupforjyj
Shared By: JYJ3 + Xiah Shining Star Germany

Im Bezug auf JYJ’s Auftritt bei der KBEE in Osaka.
Dies ist eine Beobachtung / Behauptung von einem JYJ-Fan.


Regarding JYJ’s performance in KBEE Osaka.
This is an account from a JYJ fan.



Ich habe gerade eben bezüglich der KBEE bei KOTRA angefragt. Der Bewerbungsbutton auf der Homepage wird frühestens nächste Woche nicht mehr gelistet sein. Es sieht so aus, dass JYJ auftreten werden, doch da es Druck von Avex gibt, werden wir es nicht genau wissen bis zur letzten Sekunde. Im Falle, dass es eine Menge Bewerbungen geben wird, wird es eine Möglichkeit für die Lotterie geben. Weitere Infos werden sicherlich auf der Homepage bekanntgegeben. 


I’ve just inquired to KOTRA regarding KBEE. The application button on the homepage will be unlisted earliest by next week. It seems that JYJ is set to perform, but since there are pressure from AVEX, we won’t know until the last minute. In case if there’s a lot of application, there’s a possibility for a ballot/lottery, further details shall be announce through the homepage.

Credit: lovely_smile83
Translated By: Helly of JYJ3 
German trans by: Xiah Shining Star Germany
TIP: babyskymicky

Ich fand dieses Statement sehr interessant und möchte es gern mit euch teilen.

I thought that this statement is really interesting and I would like to share it with you.

JYJ & TVXQ Reunion and BEST OF Album 

Sorry but no I don’t have any information on any kind of reunion between JYJ and TVXQ. 

Concerning the trial, my sources are quiet as there has been no movement as of yet in the proceedings. They also do not understand what is going on with the various sites that have now updated their information to include Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu.

What I can say is that C-JeS is still moving forward with the plans for Yoochun’s fan meetings, Junsu’s tour, and Jaejoong’s activities for Jackal. No change has been made in their schedule.

There is growing speculation that SM is simply adding the names of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu because of the “Best of” album to be released. In other words, to acknowledge them as artists who sang as part of TVXQ who will now be featured in this mega release of old songs.

Frankly, there are way too many rumors circulating as emotions are heightened with the upcoming August 10th meeting between SM and JYJ.

Also, since some have messaged me to ask about the contract concerning “Best of” or compilation albums, it states the following in various clauses and sub clauses:

  • “The rights of the albums and songs (including those unreleased) produced or created during the contract period belong to the Company. After the termination of the contract or when the duration is over, the profit will be determined according to the distribution rates already in the contract.”
  • “Lyrics, songs, and arrangements created by the Artist may be used by the Company on any other albums produced by the Company.”
  • “….Profits from secondary compilations (Live albums, Best of albums, Omnibus albums and etc) all belong to the Company.”

As always, if I do get information, I’ll post it. Right now, its all really just rumors and chatter. We’ll have to wait until August 10th to find out what, if anything, happens between JYJ and SM.



Es tut mir leid, aber ich habe keine Infos über eine Reunion von JYJ und TVXQ.

Zum Thema der Klage schweigen meine Quellen und es scheint als wären bisher keine Erklärungsprozesse eingeleitet worden. Diese verstehen ebenfalls nicht was zurzeit auf den unzähligen, offiziellen Seiten geschieht, die ihre Infos mit JaeJoong, Yoochun und Junsu aktualisieren.

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Source + Credit:  
Shared by: Xiah Shining Star Germany

MBC hat eine Reportage über ausländische Fans und deren K-Pop Merchandise-Sammlung gedreht. Ein Fan erwähnt, dass sie zum Musical von Junsu gegangen ist. ^^

MBC did a report about foreign fans and their K-Pop merchandise collection. One fan even mentioned, that she went to see Junsu’s musical. ^^

Credit: JJYCJS2 via JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Xiah Shining Star Germany 

Mitglied von JYJ, Kim Junsu hat erfolgreich sein erstes Solo-Konzert in Indonesien beendet.  Unter seinem Namen “Xia” hat Junsu auf seinem “XIA The 1st Asia Tour Konzert Tarantallegra” viele indonesische Fans hypnotisiert.

Am 16.Juni versammelte Junsu über 2.000 indonesische Fans im Jitec, Mangga Dua Square in Jakarta. Das Konzert verspätete sich um über 1 1/2 Stunden von 19 Uhr auf 20:40 Uhr , aufgrund von technischen Problemen. Junsu startete das Konzert mit seinem freizügigen Unterwasser-Videomaterial, während die Halle in einem Red Ocean versank.

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  • [#XiaPressCon] Talking about his favorite idol, he said it always change .__. But he said he likes Mozart kk via:@Gladys1226
  • [#XiaPressCon] Junsu would bow to the crews whenever one event is over. He will look into their eyes and bow sincerely [via:Gladys1226]
  • [#XiaPressCon] Junsu said that after the press conference..he will have an Indonesian food for lunch..via: @0604Xiahtichun
  • [#XiaPressCon] Some media mentioned about “Bambaya” and Junsu was smiling shyly and burst into laughter via:@Gladys1226



– Als über sein Lieblingsidol gesprochen wurde, sagte er das es sich stetig ändern würde. Aber er sagte er mag Mozart.

– Junsu verbeugt sich vor seiner Crew nach jedem Konzert. Er sieht allen in die Augen und verbeugt sich tief.

– Junsu sagte dass er nach der Pressekonferenz indonesisches Essen als Mittagessen nehmen wird.

– Einige Medienreporter erwähnten “Bambaya” und Junsu lächelte schüchtern und brach dann in lautes Lachen aus. (kawaiii)

Source:  @DBSK_Worldwide + @MilkySu_Indo via @Gladys1226
German translation & shared by: Xiah Shining Star Germany 

Hello my fellow readers ^-^/)

for my fanaccount of my visit to Junsu’s musical performance, please read here

I am back with my report about my visit at CreBeau Belle, the beauty shop of Junsu’s mother. ^^

While I attended the musical on Sunday, I visited the shop on Tuesday, 10th April at around 4:30 p.m. . It rained the whole day quite heavily, I have never ever seen such heavy rain before. It was already foggy in the morning, one could not see 5 meters away, because of the fog. The humidity was about 90% and I already thought it will rain for sure later. So it did. But this was not only rain, it was a waterfall coming down. After our visit to CreBeau Jeff, the shop of JaeJoong’s sister, we went by cab to our next stop which was TimeOut Gelato. During our time in the cab, the front window was covered with water like I have it seen only in a wash center. 

After TimeOut, finally we arrived at CreBeau. Well, generally one would expect a shop to be visible on an ordinary street, right? ^^ Well, this does not go for the shops related to our boys. Both, CreBeau Jeff and Belle are located in a huge building, which you would think of as a business center or something like that, but not a building that consists of such lovely shops, tarned as ordinary flats. ^^

We rang the door bell and soon the staff opened the door for us. So we went in, changed our shoes and there we were. I have to say, that this shop really smelled to great and fresh yet sweet. The scent was really lovely and not too strong or too light. Everywhere were pictures and poster of Junsu on the wall. Flowerbouquets were also there, as well as an aquarium with a world’s map as the background. ^^

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